How does it feel when you are burdened with something troubling your heart? You can’t sleep, eat, and even most at times you can’t share it with anyone. As a result it eats deep into your soul, and if you can look inwardly enough you’ll find out that the main cause of your depression is something that can be fixed, yes! You heard me right, it can be fixed. So then why do you get depressed?

Depression in a layman’s language is simply a state whereby you feel gloomy and hopeless continuously, which may further lead to drastic consequences, if it lingers.
According to the world health organization (WHO), depression is the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. They estimate that 350 million people are affected by depression, globally.
I have also been a victim of this countless times and so have you i believe. Looking at it what really is the cause of depression?
Though the causes are not fully understood and may not be down to a single source. Various factors come into play to affect and to choke up your mind, examples are:

1. Genetics: there are some persons that are always depressed without no cause at times

2. Environment: Environment has a large role to play in every man’s life.
Psychological and social (psychosocial)

3. Life events like financial problems, poverty, unemployment, Exam failure, miscarriages ,loss of a loved one, disappointment, relationship failures, childhood trauma, sickness and diseases and many more.

How do you cure your depression? Every depression has a cause and if it has a cause it most surely have a cure.

The first treatment of depression is
FIND THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: Most at times you’ll assume you already know the cause, but that is not true in all cases. What I mean is, taking a look at where the problem started from (the root cause). If it’s a disease, could it have been caused by your diet? Was that exam failure caused by laziness and lack of hard work? Find the root cause.

ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES AND FAULTS: Admit where you missed it, avoid blaming anyone and start with yourself, before pointing fingers to another.

PRAY OR FIND SOMEONE TO TALK TO: If you have a therapist or a close friend you can talk to, share with them, but if not talk to God about it, read your Bible or a novel, and you’ll be surprised that in a moment your heart begins to calm down. I have tried this approach countless of times I’ve been depressed, and it worked, like there was a time a close friend hurt me so much, and she didn’t even cared to apologize to me. I claimed to have forgiven her, but I still caught myself being depressed and uneasy whenever I saw her. I went to church I couldn’t pray or sing with my heart, I felt so down casted. then I knew the root cause was that I had not forgiven my friend simply walked to an advanced woman whom I have never shared anything with before, she talked me out of my depression and I felt relieved, it was just as if a heavy burden was removed from me. Though my friend wasn’t ready to apologize, I simply sent her a text of forgiveness, i told her i had forgiven her, she was touched and had to apologize to me. Then we reconciled. So talk that depression out; you may not know where you’ll get your help from.

DISTRACT YOURSELF: It can either be through listening to music, or watching a movie, going out, visiting a friend, anything but not sitting alone by yourself.

PLAN TO NEVER ALLOW MISTAKES AGAIN: Never make the same mistakes that led to the depression again. In cases of sickness, go for appropriate treatment and pray. In cases of death know that though it might hurt but you can’t bring the lost back to life, but you can always make them happy by being your best and making them proud wherever they may be.



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