Ajoke stared into the mirror, as she rubbed the scar on her face, examining the depth of the scar, it’s so deep she exclaimed, the only begotten child of my terrible past. I am Ajoke and this is my story. It all started when my parents got separated, I and my brother Ade lived with my mom. My mom engaged in many secret affairs in other to sustain and to take care of us. As my dad never cared. I and my brother were still in Junior secondary school. Most times, mom brought in male visitors in to the house, while she chased us away from the room. We always wondered why mom will not let us be with her visitors. At times we peeped through the window to see what went on. Amongst all of mom’s visitors, there was one Mr Idris who always loved to buy me snacks and clothes,often times when mom wasn’t home, he always came by, sending Ade on an errand and afterwards he molested me sexually, consoling my pain with gifts and ice cream. This lasted for long unknowingly to my mom, it went with me in to the higher institution. I became used to it and couldn’t live a day without a man. I was the most popular and most powerful girl on campus,everyone wanted to be identified with me. I blocked my courses with underground work and came out in distinction. I had this belief that bad girls will later get the best husbands. Hmm, but here I am today, though I gave my life to Christ after I graduated from the University with a disease that made me remove my womb. The scar, it’s still there, I’ve tried to erase it but it couldn’t, I blame my mom, she caused all this to me, but what will I do? I have forgiven her:

The reason for my scar
I wallowed in ignorance
Thinking I was best
Unknowingly to me that I had the best of hell
I ate meats of pleasure
Never knew it was gonna hang in my throat
I slept in the bed of immorality
Never knew it was the bed of fatality in hell
The reason for my scar.

Like an engraved sculpture
The scar remains with me
Unwilling to depart from me
Despite the countless pleadings on my knees
It eats up the core of my heart
Mixing my sweetness with bitterness
Oh how I wish everyone in the world
Will flee from immorality
The reason for my scar

Though His power is great
And mighty to deliver me
But it’s his will for the scar to abide
To teach the world
Of the untold stories of sin and pleasure
To close the mouth of hell from swallowing
The reason for my scar

Let the world hear
Let the youth hear
That the only gain in sin
Is the pain and shame it offers
Crushing the decorated frame of your future
With false fame and fortune
Ignorance is not an excuse
To continue in arrogance
For that was my excuse at the beginning
And now it’s my story
I am Ajoke and this is my story
The reason behind my scar.



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