This poem is about the return of Christ and how His church awaits His return to rapture the saints.


The stairs are becoming dusty
The carpet has turned pale
Though the windows are close
I still hear the sound of the wind
That tries to pull me away
from what we shared
Even though I erred
I still held to the promise
Of your love
I’m longing for you

You promised to return
And in turn
I have waited
For the touch of your peace
That thrills my spirit
healing the pain of my heart
Cleansing my guilt
With triumphant grace
I’m longing for you

I hear sounds on the stairs
Quickly I rush to check
For in your presence
There is fullness of joy
I kept some flowers for you
Which I’ll offer
When you will come to take me home
Whole and complete in you
I’m longing for you

I won’t put off the light
That shines to that perfect day
Though the darkness of the night scares me
As they reveal their ugly faces
of sin and temptation to me
I hold the precious gem of salvation
For my redemption is near
I’m longing for you

I walk down the stairs
Where we both talked
And when you kissed me goodbye
That you will come back someday
memories of your words
Fills my heart with loud echoes
Strengthening my core
Though my tears flow
But your promise I believe
I’m longing for you

By Aisagbonbu Success


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