Defend the Family

The American Citadel

1950s-family-300x297 The family is the foundational building block of every society. To use an analogy that my Dad taught me, families are like cells in a body. When enough cells become damaged or die, the body deteriorates and eventually dies. In this analogy, society is the body. It can be said, then, that when enough families weaken, society collapses. Not only is this a clever analogy, but it is a truthful one – the preservation of our society depends upon the preservation of the traditional family unit.

Apart from a nation’s faith in God, nothing is more important than its families. If memory serves, I once saw a monument in Salt Lake City, Utah with the inscription: “No nation rises above its homes.” A truer statement has never been etched in stone. It is in the home that habits are formed and faith is instilled, whether for good or ill. It…

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