My eyes are gloomy, and my lips are too heavy to tell my forbidden story, I’m shaking as one that is consumed with strong drink. This is a story I have never told anyone, it’s a long kept secret, but today I have decided to tear the veil, to unravel the dark truth so the people in the world can always know that this world is beyond ordinary and it’s too bad my story had to be the perfect example. I am by name John, be patient with me as i share my story.
It happened that after my days in the University, I graduated with a first class, so getting a job wasn’t difficult for me, I had the skill, the brain and what have you. I enjoyed my life, my money, and everything was centred around me. After four years of being an employee, I rose to be the managing director of my bank. I never really cared about having a wife, cause I always hanged out with my female colleagues. A day came my mom a widow called me that she wants to end her life since as the only child, I have refused to give her grandchildren. I was pricked to my heart and as such I promised that I will bring a wife home before the year ended. I was in so much pressure. A lady was employed in our office, she was this pretty, tall and dark skinned lady, I always admired her gap tooth whenever she smiled and as such we became friends, because i will always complement her smile every morning. Although she was a junior staff but we moved as though we were on the same rank. She is called Bisi, but I preferred calling her lady B. We were very close friends, I called her one day during our break in the office, Lady B, would you love to have lunch with me ? “Oh yes”, it’s a pleasure she replied with beaming smiles. I had secret intention to propose to her and so I carefully hid the ring in my pocket. When we got to the restaurant, I couldn’t wait for her to finish her meal, i quickly let the cat out of the bag. And she gave me a big yes for an answer. So after a month I introduced her to my mother and we got wedded. But a day before the wedding, something in me troubled me to ask her about her family, because she always told me cock and bull stories whenever I asked about her parents, and that she hailed from a village named Owo in Oyo state, she introduced one madam Alima as a close aunt and that her parents were long dead, blinded by love I didn’t care to press any other button. We got married and in the space of a year we had a set of triplets. Most at times i caught her talking to herself, as though she spoke to many people, who are you talking to ? Nobody she replied snappily. And so life went on like that, I really loved my kids who will never ceased to stay awake till daddy is back from work, they were the fountain of my joy. My ordeal began when one day I came back from the office, the whole house was as silent as a grave yard, the bags, my kids, their clothes all gone. My heart skipped for a second and I felt my world crumble. Thoughts of kidnapping flashed through my heart, and quickly I rushed to the police station to report my case. The search began, every bed was raised, every stone was not left uncovered for a period of three months, my mom consoled me, but dip inside of me I felt frustrated. The last option was go to her acclaimed village to continue my search. I reluctantly obeyed my mom, who insisted that we should check her home town, when we arrived Owo in Oyo state, we moved from one house to another and finally we reached her family house, with a cold welcome from an old man and woman, of which I never knew that they were her parents, we showed them her picture, and explained our purpose of coming. Her mother screamed with both hands on her head, oh my God, she echoed repeatedly. I was so confused and asked more persistently, then the bitter truth was revealed to me that this people are her parents and that Bisi had died eight years ago while she was about to deliver her child in the village, but before dying she promised to come back to the world to have her own kids in this world. She was a ghost? Why me? Why must it always be me? I asked my mother many rhetorical questions, while she sat on the floor crying. I loved Bisi so much but she lied to me and took away everything that made me click, I thought that she was the perfect woman for me, she took my kids, my life, my joy and vanished away ? I have never felt so much pain in my life, it seemed as though I was in the centre of hell. I lost my job and now i am beginning my life from the scratch.
I advise the young ones of this generation to always pray and watch earnestly before walking down the isle with any partner under the umbrella of Marriage, never choose a partner by sight but rather move with the instructions of the Holy Ghost. God bless you all

A frictional story written by Success Aisagbonbu.


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