This is a poem that reminds us of how some disciples left Christ leaving just the twelve. I dedicate it to that struggling soul out there who has seen no reason to live for tomorrow. Christ is asking you this question. Read and enjoy.

We sat round the fire
Peter wanted to go fishing
But James was languishing
As the others had left us
We couldn’t help but ponder on our future
Though destiny was silent
And the stars read our intent
Suddenly I felt his touch
Even though the clutch of faith
Seem to fizzle away
As the problems of life pushed me aside
I stared at him with my teary face
Surprised that tears flowed down his face
My hands shivered as one in an iceberg
His voice sounded so thrilling
And all my bones were chilling
Would you also go away ?
He said slowly
Even though we were never lonely
The pleasures of life was so comely
Solemnly pleading for acceptance
Though we’ve pledged our abstinence
I have prepared for you something great
If only you can wait
I smelt the aroma of truth
As he whispered love into my ears
Not like when fake friends were around
His love seemed to abound
I was ready to give up
But he never gave up
Will you also go away ?
I have prepared for you a city
Where we’ll be together forever
Christ has promised

©Aisagbonbu Success



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