A poem that talks about a man called John Knox, who fought a good fight of faith. It urges everyone to stand up for a righteous course, against the forces of sin.


He knelt before the altar of prayer,
Groaning like a drunken man
His tears became a mighty ocean
As he spoke to the holies of holies
Abandoned by men
Became an enemy to the world
Of godless monarchs
Still you’ll hear him whisper to the Almighty
A prayer that caused fear and rage
In the hearts of many
Give me Scotland or I die

His knees kept reminding him of time
But his heart couldn’t stop the rhyme
The rhythm of the spirit
Heaven had no option
But to answer
The passion of evangelism
Ate up the cartilages of his bones
And the angels wondered
What manner of soldier he is
Ready to conquer sin in Scotland
And to turn the hearts of many to salvation
He won’t stop whispering
Give me Scotland or I die

Though people thought he was absurd
But never knew he had captured
Many hearts to Calvary
And created a boundary
Between light and darkness
Heaven is still waiting
And searching earnestly
For ready vessels
For another voice of groaning
To bemoan the evil in the land
And recapture all nations for Christ
Resounding the earnest cries
Give me Scotland or I die


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