There he sat in dust
Like a forgotten story
Clothed with a filthy garment
Flies were his companion
Always reminding him of his misfortune
Oh what a worthless beggar he was
No one seemed to care
And all men assumed he was a bin
And won’t cease to throw dirty words
At his old and weary soul
For he was Blind, wretched, forsaken

And suddenly a ray of light flashed
Through the deepest part of his heart
And all he could hear
Like the sound of many waters
Was that light personified was passing
Dropping his dirty beggarly plate
He screamed like a woman in labour
And his vocal chords vibrated
Like the strings of a guitar
Pleading for mercy and deliverance
Son of David have mercy
was repeated on his old and cracked lips

Though light was moving
He sighted compassion
And halted for the passion to save
Mercy reechoed in his ears
And in the twinkle of an eye
Eyes born blind were opened
Filthy garments was changed
Words seemed to fail
And many wondered
How quickly it could be
As the blind began to scream
I was blind but now I see

Oh weary soul
Yielding a fruitless toil
And your hearts seems to faint
For your burden seem too heavy to bear
Why not open your eyes
For I hear the angels singing
He is the same yesterday, today and forever
Light personified at the right hand of God
Ready to make the hopeless and forgotten
Sing that old and forgotten song
I was blind, but now I see.


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