Life was like shattered glass
I thought I knew what was best for me
But sin made worst choices for me
I felt my joy diminishing
Like a vapor extinguishing
Struggling to disconnect from the affair
Of Hades and destruction
And there he was
Staring deep in to my eyes
He picked up my broken pieces

Love became abounding
Even though I was a weakling
His touch felt more thrilling
Than all the pleasures that was trending
We flew into the clouds
Above the crowd
Of condemnation and guilt
I noticed his pierced side
That made me more enshrine
Then I remembered am his bride
As he picked up my broken pieces

Your broken pieces are everywhere
And your life is a despair
And you wonder who will give you a repair
Behold his pierced palm
Ready to apply a balm
Behold his wounded side
Always ready to draw to his side
He’ll pick up that old and dirty pieces
And piece by piece, they’ll all be fixed
And transformed into a worthy vessel
He picked my broken pieces


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