In her bed she remembered
Life and it’s perils,
She wondered how to the stop the ranging sea
At the same time she tried
As much to guard the candle
For she wanted to cross a hurdle
The wind became boisterous
And in fear she screamed
Lord keep my fire burning

It seemed as though the candle was about to go off
Cause panics and pain rolled all over her heart
And many rooms had become cold
Even the cobwebs told many stories
About the darkness that covered her glory
And surrounded her like a thick blanket
Not minding if she had been torn apart
Lord keep my fire burning she whispered in tears

The devil and his cohorts
Waited patiently to abort
The work on Calvary’s tree
Though she never agreed
To the enticing words that flew with the wind
For her soul waited patiently for hope
And with her last strength she prayed
Lord keep my fire burning
In the twinkle of an eye
Her deliver shined into her darkness
And He became her brightness.

In our journey to eternity we may go through many tribulations and trials that may want to put out the light of God in us. But Christ has promised to always be with us till the end of the world. So fear not, for He is our brightness.


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