Katherine and her mum were almost late for the concert. Katherine is a blind lady, she got blinded by an accident when she was still in college, as she journeyed to a party with her wayward friends. It’s so unfortunate that she had no option than to accept Christ when her eyes were already gone in the hospital bed.
Be fast darling, her mother urged her as she held her right hand. Slowly they moved to the stage. Let’s welcome miss Katherine, the moderator said as the room echoed in sounding applause. A seat was brought before her but she refused sitting and tightly she held to her violin. Hello my friends, I feel so heartbroken, that I can’t see your beautiful faces, but I’m still happy cause He has promised me a new pair of eyes when I get home. Everyone wondered who and where she referred to. I have a poetic piece to render, it’s titled I never knew , it’s little bit of my past. I’m not here to win an award but, I really want the world to know that life is nothing without Jesus Christ. Slowly she played the violin reciting her poem through the microphone .

I never knew that wounded hands
Could heal a wounded soul
I never knew that pieced sides could
Still give life to a living dead soul
I never knew that love
Could be so real
And could lay down a life for another
And my feet could be more beautiful
When I spread the message of salvation
I danced well to the melody of sin and death
And daily it pulled me slowly to itself

I never knew that the promises of the world
Will distance me from the promise of his word
I never knew that a wretched sinner
Who never cared about the fountain of the blood
And made a mockery of his abounding grace
Could become a product of grace
Though I nailed him a second time to that hardened cross
That carried many curses
But still it abolished my curses
And made dirty rags useful

I never knew that there is a mansion waiting
Instead I opted for where moth and worms corrupt
I never knew that all things are mine
And daily I begged for a piece of cake
From the devils banquet
I never knew that
his arms were always wide opened
And he checked daily to see if I returned
But here I am in the hollow of his hands
Following daily his commands
I never knew that life could be so sweet
With the owner of the world by my side

As Katherine finished the note, she expected the usual sound of applause, but all she could hear was wailing and sniffles. A tear flowed down as she whispered, thank you Lord because she knew the people had been convicted.

©Success Aisagbonbu.

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