They were in a bottomless pit
A demon with broken teeth began to drum
And all the other demons echoed
Deception and deception
In a moment a lady called worldliness and immorality took the stage
The reddishness of her lips
Was more inviting than Adam’s apple. Youths, even the old shook their waist
Dancing to the music of hell

Anger came suddenly to the stage
And unforgiveness held his hand like a newly married couple
Jealousy hurried up to the stage
Cause she had eyes for anger
And they began to sing
Causing the world to sin
With a melody that made the world to dance vigorously
Dancing to the music of hell

No one knew that drunkenness could sustain a note
Until he ended the note
And all the drunkards kept nodding their heads
To his meaningless songs
Lust hid herself in a secret chamber
Whispering into many hearts
Songs of immorality
Forgetting the brutality
Dancing to the music of hell

Oh ye sons of men
Can’t you hear the voice of many
In the land of eternal pain and guilt
Shouting pain, pain
You have ignored the saviour’s call
And heeded to the devil’s call
Calling you to the broad and eternal damnation
Backsliders remember Judas
He was among the best dancers
And was a coach to Demas
They all Danced to the music of hell.

©Success Aisagbonbu.

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