Of Men And Their Ways – Continued…

A Fine Balance

He always woke up before the sun shone, and it had been that way for as long as he can recall now. His wife, when she was alive, used to bicker with him for his early morning alarms. “In the morning the sound of your alarms going off, and during the day your mother with all her ‘Kii Kii Kii'”, she used to say, her hair scattered all across her face at such an early hour of the day. And so he practised how to get up without an alarm, and albeit, he missed on a few occasions, it finally came to him, and once it did, there was no going back, and soon, he was up before the sun at 4, daily, without any alarm.

Mr Dixit was sixty years old and he slept in his loose track pant, the drawstrings of which had turned yellow due to negligence…

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