I sailed alone in the boat of my life

And several times fiery storms

Tried to swallow me up in to the deep sea

And my hypocritical mockers

Never ceased to remind me of the scars of my past

And then in my fear I screamed out for help

Blinded by fear and surrounded by panic

Then he walked into the storm of my life

And I became as calm as the graveyard

Be not afraid he whispered into my heart

I held tightly to his hand

And the deep troubles of my life

Became shallow

And I could walk upon the sea

Several questions on my mind

But his love gave an answer to each

Be not afraid

He said continually fortifying me the necessary grace I needed

As he washed my sins away

Now your soul seems too heavy to be encouraged

And your burdens too heavy to bear

As you quietly sink into the sea of hopelessness

If you could understand the language of love

You will still hear him saying be not afraid

Be not afraid

Your saviour cares for you.

©Success Aisagbonbu

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