I wrote this poem sometime ago, it’s expresses the love of Christ on the cross to all mankind. I thought it right to repost it in this season of his death and resurrection. Let’s mediate and appreciate God’s love towards all mankind. Read and enjoy.

There He was hanging on the old rugged cross

Alone and forgotten by both humanity and divinity

Many tears seem to flow

Muscles had outstretched their limit

And blood clots had become like a cloth upon him

Blood flowed down to the earth

Striking the core of the universe

Breaking diverse curses

And love grew where blood fell

He spoke to his father in his anguish and pain

All because of our unworthy souls

Not minding the shame and humiliation

He choose to journey to Golgotha

For us to become his begotten

Even though we all wandered away

In to the disastrous path of many burdens

But love grew where blood fell

Rolling away our guilt and shame

Love grew where blood fell

Like a tender bud

And adopted us into that glorious home

Oh careless soul

Can’t you smell the aroma of love

He showered on Calvary’s tree

For it’s deeper than the smell of the roses

It’s where mankind obtained a grantee

To God’s kingdom after life on earth is gone

Stop listening to the deceitfulness of sin

See how love is still growing where blood fell.

©Success Aisagbonbu

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Jesus loves you


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