The journey of life
Old Rogers said with a shivering voice
Using the harmony of a frog in the blue lake
Though it sounded funny
Even the crickets chuckled
But each note kept piercing my heart
As he repeated
The journey of life

It starts in a day and ends in a blink
The cry of a new born
Is pregnant with untold stories
Destinies moving to and fro
Great and small
But only time will tell
How useful they can become
In the journey of life

Countless times mother earth
Will not stop saying
That she’s only temporary
And a step into eternity
But the hearts of men too busy to phantom
Oh what a shame
That God’s most precious treasure, man
Lives a careless life of sin
Resulting to an eternity in the lake of fire
The journey of life

If only they will learn from the ants
On how to work while it’s day
And that a thousand miles starts with a step
The sluggard will always sleep in the rain
Cause he will always be lazy to build
Tears ran down my cheek
As my discerning eyes opened
And I could smell the aroma of truth
As old Rogers reechoed
The journey of life.

©Success Aisagbonbu


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