See how tiny you are
Hidden in the best of caves
You claim to be as boneless as a slug
But Sometimes you act like a bug
Going to places where they seek your head
I won’t underestimate the power of your veins
Veiling yourself in the midst of many blames
Choosing to sow seeds of discords
Creating deep gulfs between family and friends
They say you are the least of the family
But you’ve never acted like one
I blame it on your never changing red coat
Of course red will always mean danger
You love the best of delicacies
Bitterness is far from your dwelling
Yet many hearts carry the bitterness
You’ve invented even without the test tube
I wish your owner will always be cautious
Cause you are sharper than a sword
Though you can’t be chased from the building
They should always be aware
That death and life sleeps in your bosom
Though you sometimes blossom good fruits
But the bad fruits always comes hunting your dwelling
Tame yourself
Bridle yourself
So you won’t poke yourself
Into uninvited matters
That results to insults injuring your esteem
Restore and heal the wounded
And always learn to say sorry
Sow good seeds to all fields
You never know which one will save you
In time of famine, oh little tongue.

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