Day by day I keep thinking about her
My tears have turned to my meat
I gave her beautiful roses
Yet she rose to rebellion
What more can I do ?
I’m rejected by my lover

I offered her an inheritance
In a kingdom of gold and silver
She chose to be in the temporary pleasures of Babylon
I sent several of my love letters
Through my closest companions
Received with a smile
But torn to pieces in the secret
Rejected by my lover

I decided to give my life
In exchange for her love and submission
Yet with her own hands she nailed me and gave me the fastest route to death
What more can I do for my lover
I bought her a beautiful garment
One of which all the gold in the earth can’t buy
But my heart was broken
As my eyes beheld my gift soiling the dirtiest part of hell
Rejected by my lover

I gave her life but she chose death instead
I gave her peace
But it was thrown to my face
While she Searched for vain riches
Father has instructed I stop shedding many tears for her
That’s the only impossible thing for me
Because she has captured all of my heart
Yet I’m still rejected by my lover

She has lost consciousness of the time
The end of all things
Even the time of our marriage supper
But how can leave my beloved behind
To suffer things I never wished her
My heart longs for her companionship
Even though I’m being rejected by my lover

A poem trying to paint a picture of how the world rejects the love of Christ.

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  1. Well written! Even before I finished reading the poem and reached your note, I was feeling an image of Christ from your vivid words. You have successfully captured the essence of Christ’s rejection. Fortunately for all of us, you rose on the third day and defeated the harsh sting of death.

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