As she laid helpless
In the bed of anguish and regrets
Visions of the future are no longer blur
Eternity becomes an acquaintance
What fate will it yield ?
Family and friends holding on to hope
But too bad it left too early
And many tears couldn’t heal the scars
As the memory becomes more fresher
The story she forgot

A story and a reality
Though only few can tell
But mama knew it so well
A story of true love
A story that brings tears to the eyes of many
But it’s capable of healing the deepest scars
How could one ever love like that
That he could shed his blood
To the cleansing of another
The story she forgot

Her lips tries to mutter
The lines and the favorite
Aspect of his letters in John 3:16
But the heavy lead of regrets and pain
Brought down many tears
What was once thought a pleasure
Became the best of tortures
Oh how could she have forgotten

The story she forgot
Is more than a thousand years
But it’s filled with so much power
Capable of leading to eternal life
Lord forgive me
She speaks in her deepest of hearts
Everything becomes new
And she is ready to depart
Forever in the arms of her true lover

Oh ye sinner
How could you forget
The story of how he suffered and died
Rejected and out casted by his own
There is a story to remember
A story of old lives being made new
Don’t forget the story
Tell it to your children
Let it sink and flow in them like rivers of water
It’s a story worth remembering.

A poem painting the true love and sacrifice of Chris Jesus on the cross of Calvary

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