The sparrows toil not but reap bountifully
The lillies and flowers
Are watered and bloom each morning
Winter may cover the glory of the sun
But she frets not
For the creator will always usher in summer

Then I beheld the sons of men
Fashioned by mystery and love
Toiling which much strength
For tomorrow’s best
Making worry to eat the best part of faith
While they refuse to trust the mighty one who holds tomorrow
Give no thought

The sower that looks at the sky observing the sun and the fierceness the wind
Might not eat bountifully in the harvest
The fear of the unknown
Clothes many like a thick blanket and the future becomes a threat to some
Give no thought

Give no thought
Even though your heart longs for the best
Let your defense be trust and obedience
For the seed of the righteous
Seeks not for bread even in a thousand years
Give no thought when troubles and trials weigh you down For dawn is closer than you expect

Quick routes are paved daily by the forces of hell
Convincing many souls to trust
In Nebuchadnezzar’s idol
Give no thought
Tomorrow’s toil might yield best
The fate of the future
Only depends on today’s belief
Give no thought

For the one who holds tomorrow
Has forseen a bright weather
though we cannot see beyond our noses
But never forget that we remain vessels in hands of the Potter
Not too old to be refashioned
Give no thought

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