One of the most difficult virtue to cultivate in humans is patience. We see a lot of impatient people all around us. People who always want to beat the queue, people who ain’t patient enough to wait for the necessary protocols. Coming to Christaindom, many christains have this issue with patience. It could be that God promised you something in the past, before now and you’ve been waiting on him for fufilment of His words. Sometimes several questions like, how long? When? How? Who? Comes through our heart shaking our faith, causing many to become unbelieving.

For instance Abraham our father of faith waited for twenty five years after God promised him a son. At a point he almost gave up but thank God he didn’t.

Dear friends, I know it’s not easy going through those challenges, pain, neglect and everything you are going through at this stage of your life. But never forget that God’s way isn’t our way. He is the all-knowing God, He is working on you, preparing you for the fufilment of that vision. Too many of us want an actualization of God’s promises without waiting to be qualified for that glorious position. Don’t lose hope, you will get that job, that life partner, that dream house, your children and anything you’ve been praying for.

When Joseph was in his father’s house and having those wonderful visions he never knew that God was going to make him pass through every tough situation he went through before he became a prime minister.

God has not forsaken you, He hasn’t neglected you. Only keep believing, endure the process, keep calm and try not to be hasty and at the end of it all you’ll be glad you went through all the process.

I leave you with the Bible verse in

Lamentations 3:26: It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD.



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