Growing up as a child

My hands were always open

To catch the words of wisdom

As they fell from papa’s lips

Look deep and you’ll find
yourself, so he said

Though my heart laid in unbelief

I wondered how possible to be that which he created

For the world had gripped me

In it’s web of fear and mediocrity

Sin and desires I couldn’t resist

Became companions I never wanted

Don’t bother trying

They wagged their tougues at me

Breaking the bridge

Between me and my courage

I wish I had believed papa’s words

Look deep and you’ll find yourself

I travelled many mountains

To acquire the power I never knew was within me

The moon and I became
Very good friends

She tried to break the strong darkness me

Effortlessly she recommended a greater light

That of which only the Ominipresence could offer

All narrowed down to father’s counsel

But I choosed to walk in the valley of narrow mindedness

As I journeyed from kingdom to kingdom

Still in my dreams

I could still hear his voice

Look deep and you’ll find yourself

The chains of inferiority complex

Mediocrity and fear

Refused me my freedom

Cause they fell in love with the
Homage I paid each year

But father’s words kept re-echoing

Like the sound of many waters

Look deep and you’ll find yourself

Created in his image and likeness

I wondered just why I couldn’t be like him

I remained a babe at heart

Like the dwarf that held firm to his brief height

Who will deliver me from this delimma?

Oh yes a strong delimma

Like a cord tied tightly around my neck

Yet in my tribulations

His words didn’t cease from coming

Like a replayed movie

Look deep and you’ll find yourself

Then a day of which i have inscribed on the palms of my hands

Presented unto me the gift of salvation

Destiny was revealed

My heart boiled within me

And my skin became as red as coal

Then the truth was revealed

Like a new chapter

A true son cannot take the trait of a servant

My chains came falling down

My eyes blood shot

As my tears gave me scars of regrets

If only I had adhered

To the instructions of wisdom

To look deep and deep

Never knew I was no ordinary person

it was no longer in my dreams

It became a reality

As I travelled round the globe on eagle’s wings

Truly father was right

When you look deep

You will find yourself

For you are mighter than you could ever imagine

Created in God’s image and likeness.


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