My life was void of love
Broken and scattered
Despersed in all corners of the world
Yet none of my lovers
Affiliators of wordly pleasures
Could neither pick or mend
My past hunted me like
Like the ghost in my nightmare
Until He appeared

Love used to be conditional
In my dictionary of life
What else could I do?
If not to become a man pleaser
Give and take became the rythmn
Undermining the rare gems
He gave unto me from creation
Mediocrity and fear locked in the temple of my bones
until He appeared

He came shining a great light
It’s glory suppassed my darkest nights
My past He left with the wind
My heart became new born
He looked in to my eyes
Springs of love flowed round
the vessels of my body
Like the liquid in my body
My heavy burden was once a snare to my soul
Until He appeared

We danced in the dance floor
Of righteousness
Kisses of love rained down my soul
My unworthiness He reversed
As he undressed my dirty robe
Clothing me with a garment
Only meant for a faithful son
My heart pondered how to repay For life taught me so
Until He appeared

I have paid the price
He whispered into my ears
As we danced to the melodies of the angels
The numerous shouts in paradise
Beclouded my ears
Truly heaven rejoices over
A lost but found
My tears came running down
Like a water fall
But swiftly He caught it
Transforming it into beaming smiles
My sins forgiven
My destiny secured
But it wasn’t so
Until He appeared

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