The world we live today is filled with so much noise, noise from technology, noise from the media, noise from ourselves.
When you add the noise of the external world to all the roles you take in it, it is easy to lose sight of who you really are.
Many find it easy to pay huge amount of money to learn about others, they find it easy to observe and tell and describe other people without an inch of mistake but it’s so difficult for them to explain to others who they really are.
Although a little percent of some persons can go a little further to describe their temperaments and what they like or dislike, but does it really describe all of which God created them to be ?

I remember the story of a young man who was born in poverty and lived in a period of great war in his country. His life was characterized with fear and mediocrity. A day came an angel appeared to him and referred to him as a “mighty man of valour”. It was very easy for him to have doubted this statement because he didn’t really know or believe in himself. You can read the rest of the story in Judges 6:11-13.

This is a real example of how some persons see themselves. I have had most friends in my life that sometimes when I tell them what I know about them, they sometimes think I’m trying to get them to be happy or to be pleased with me, but the truth is that they have not really looked deep.

Dear friends, I want to let you know that failure begins when other people can describe you or know you better than you know yourself. In our world today only about 10% can be very sure of their talents, gifts and passions. The rest of the numbers are only following what the crowd thinks best.
Now how can you can rise to stand before Kings, or be a great man and woman? when you keep doing the things that God hasn’t destined or created you to be.

The big question remains: do you know yourself ? Do you know what drives you? Do you know your element/talent/gift? Do you know the essence of your creation?

One way you can begin to know better about yourself is to create time and space to be alone with yourself, to experience who you are when no one else wants anything from you and the noise has stopped. One method is to meditate. Medication is one of the most difficult task to humanity, because their mind is so beclouded with the affairs of life.
Another way is to pray, only God knows the real you. Of course only the Potter knows how he fashioned the clay. Go to Him in sincere prayers and let him reveal that hidden personality of yours.
You can also observe yourself, the things that drives you, your interest. Please note that knowing yourself well enough will help you achieve the greatness that lies ahead of you.

Dear friends life is like a flower that lives for a while and whithers in few months or days to come. A day will come when you will stand before your Creator to give account of everything He put in you. How you were able to multiply it to his glory. But how will you be able to even give account when you barely know yourself or what is lying waste inside of you. Take time to understand and know yourself.


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