Johnson was once a begger who pleaded for alms close to the beach, because a lot of persons visited very often. He was so tattered and unkept, and even his body let out a very bad stench that scared people from coming closer, they only threw their coins into his pan from afar with their nose enclosed with their fingers. He made some cash from begging that day and felt really excited, he therefore decided to attempt swimming like others, not minding that his swimming skills were not that perfected and that the waves of the water became a little bit fierce. As he dived into the water, in an instant he began to drown, he called for help, but none came Instead they fleed the water clamouring for safety. Several times the beach has taken a lot person with it’s fierce waves. Everyone felt sorry for him but none could save him, because they all feared losing their lives. “Does he really worth living? let him die so his suffering of begging will end”, they said as they watched him go deeper and farther in to the water. Fortunately an old man in his 60’s who was once a swimming athletic came to the beach with his son for some skating, he was curious to know what kept everyone talking and watching. when he questioned and he was told about the ordeal of Johnson, he quickly removed his shirt, dived into the water and swam deep towards Johnson. Although Johnson was almost at the verge of death because he drank so much water. The old man with much effort went towards him and carried him on one shoulder, they danced with the wave, but he kept swimming with just one hand. the waves of the water became more stronger but he succeeded in pushing Johnson to the shore. Unable to resist any further he got carried away by the force of the waves which he couldn’t withstand. Johnson recovered after vomiting a lot of water from his mouth and nostrils, he was taken to the hospital were he further recovered. Unknown to him that the old man had a son, who he cherished so much.
After some years past Johnson the begger, became rich and influencial, he no longer wore dirty clothes neither did he beg. A day came he decided to go to a game reserve for a time out. While relaxing a boy who looked so tarttered, hungry and smelly came up to him begging, the boy said he had lost his father who was his only benefactor. Mr Johnson closed his nose because the boy outrightly stunk, he further asked his guards to push him farther away from him. “I’m not your dead father” her screamed as they took the boy away. The boy kept pleading until he disappeared out of sight. After a few weeks it was rumored that someone in the community committed sucide. Mr Johnson was baffled because it was the first sucidal case in their town. He went further to find out who the person was, he then discovered that it was the same boy that pleaded with him for a coin the other day and it was the son of the old man who saved him from drowing years ago. He knew this when the story was told to him about his father’s death. He then realized that the man who saved him was the father of the boy who was an orphan because he saved Johnson. Johnson wept profusely in regrets that he couldn’t return the gesture of love which the old man showed to him to the extent of losing his life for him. Now the only son of the old man who was made an orphan because of him was dead and gone forever. Oh how can he ever forgive himself, he wept on for many days.

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

God so loved us that he gave his only son to die for us but, too many times like Mr Johnson, I have noticed and observed that our generation of Christains tend to have resentment and a norm to scare away from people who do not believe what they believe or who do worship God the way or where they worship.
Forgetting that Christ didn’t mind how they once lived, what they once did or how they stunked in their sins before he saved them from eternal destruction.
Have you ever had a throw back to your past life ?
Who were you before you sorrowfully followed the way of the cross? Many who were once smokers, drunkers, stripers are now changed into what God wants them to be. God looked down from heaven and saw that if he had allowed you continue to wallow in your sins, you will definitely end up in destruction. He saved you hoping that you will in turn be willing to save others. The big question is how many souls have you brought to Christ? I don’t mean how many persons you’ve been able to invite to your church, but rather how many souls have been converted because of your intense prayers, your preaching, your intercession on their behalf ?

Luke 5:32 (KJV):
I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

From the above verse Christ clearly stated that he didn’t come for the righteous but sinners and unbelievers.
And if he could have so much love for you and I even while we yet sinners, why can’t we return this gesture of love to talk about Christ to whoever we met.
Life indeed is like the fallen leaves of spring that the wind blows away in due time. We’re not going to live in this world forever, and don’t forget that we won’t take any of our possession outside the gates of this world. When we eventually get to heaven, how will it feel that our unbelieving loved ones, friends and even strangers we were never willing to meet will be languishing in hell forever and ever, praying for just one more chance.
Friend you were saved to save others, never forget that.


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