As each day flips open like the pages of a book
We see them sowing the seeds of discord and wickedness
Biting and chewing gladly
The birthright of the righteous
They store up many treasures that even pokes the blanket of the sky
Haughtiness and pride are fixed on their shoulders
Even as their eyes remain closed like someone biting the sweetest part of a sugarcane
Forgetting that Mr consequence could visit with his brother Mr death
The prosperity of the wicked

Their voices will always be the loudest
And their heads faced towards the heavens
But their blood stained hands will remain crossed at their backs
Thinking that the Almighty will not see
They choose pleasure over the head of a brother
But as the rain vacates the room for drought and dryness
So also will his treasures dry up and a strange fire will consume the treasures of years
like a burning bush revealing the nakedness of the earth
The prosperity of the wicked

It’s sugar coated and as sweet as honey
But deep down it harbors black seeds of destruction and eternal damnation
Hardwork doesn’t pay he exclaims with a loud voice
That frets the heart of the righteous
Giving them a double mind at their good deeds
But as long as sun remains the mother of all planets
Everyone will see his nakedness and the result of evil
The prosperity of the wicked

I keep hearing the voice of my creator sounding loud
Shaking the heavy drums of my ears
And Saying that God’s blessings will never carry an inch of sorrow
But the ungodly will always be deaf even as the wind them carries away
Like a chaff burnt and forgotten

His children will become fatherless
Roaming the streets like vagabonds repaying their father’s debts
reaping the evil of which they didn’t sow
Ungodly prosperity may be as sweet as honey
But deep down the belly
It is as bitter as vinegar
The prosperity of the wicked

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