When I was a child
I always wished
I could cut the blanket of the night sky
And gaze forever
At the glory of the sun
Too sad no one told me
The rage of that glory
Could result into a story
You wouldn’t want to hear

When I was a child
I never imagined that life’s bed of roses
Could sometimes grow thorns
Piercing a poor soul
Into the fierceness of eternity
If the deceitfulness of vanities became a very used garment
Indeed I was truly a child
Too shortsighted
To understand that there’s life beyond what I could see
And life truly begins when our eyes
Open into a land where
Time shall be no more

This poem tries to paint a picture of the reality of eternity, making us understand that there’s life after we leave this would. A place where all deeds and acts of our life on Earth will be judged by God to determine the place of eternal habitation.


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