Life can sometimes be like a bare sky
Stripped of what makes her blue,
In the midst of the darkness
Some lonely hearts may never know that sunshine is near,
I hear the music of the old man
That lives down the road
Singing a song
That becomes stucked to the temples of my skull
Only believe

The air is filled with so much
While some stars are been swallowed by the darkness
The thunderings of fear roaring in some hearts
Silences the chirping of the birds
And many have chosen to forget
That there will be a rainbow after the rain
For our strength lies not in what we can see
Only believe

The cry of a new born
Overshadows the laughter of an aged
Wishing he had more time to set things alright
time becomes a monster to many
For tommorow is yet to deliver her uncertainties
And depression lurks into a heart
That once sang the song of hope
Let us always remember to plant the seed of faith
For there will be a glory at the end of the story
Only believe.

Β©A writer’s touch.


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