Life can be so frustrating when you have no other option or anyone you can resort to. It becomes like someone who doesn’t know how to swim drowning in the middle of a deep sea, can there be any hope for that person to be saved from death?
Early this morning, I studied the scripture in Luke chapter 8, my heart couldn’t let go or verse 22-25.
The disciples had Jesus Christ in their boats, although he was sleeping and the wind became boisterous. They didn’t believe enough to know that the presence of Jesus in that boat means nothing evil can befall them. Instead they cried and confessed that they were perishing. Jesus had to arise and rebuked the wind, afterwards he asked them; “Where is your faith”? Many Christains are like that today, they have accepted the gift of salvation, they pray and fast, they preach to others, certainly they have Jesus in their lives. But have concluded that God isn’t hearing them anymore, God can’t do what they are asking of him. They believe that there are some things God can do and some things that God requires assistance or better still what God cannot do. If you are like that at this moment of your life and your faith has just a little glow, about to go off. God is asking you this day, where is your faith? Is there anything you are going through in your life, which you have prayed, fasted and nothing is showing forth? Remember when Jesus is in same boat with you, wheather he is sleeping or not, you can never perish in to the dark blue sea of life’s problems and disappointments. Trust and believe God this day, don’t allow anyone decieve you that not everything is possible with God. keep praying, keep on with your obedience, keep on believing and know that our God is able.
God is still asking you today, WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?


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