Life is a mystery, but only the passionate soul finds out the sparkling light to go through it’s tunnel.

The tunnel might be dark and scary but through persistence and diligence, the end is near.

The stories in an old man’s heart is always dark and deep, but there is always a lesson to learn.

A day will come when you remember all the challenges you’ve been through and then you will know that you are an indestructible force that can never be stopped only if you persist.

The miner never stops digging until the gold appears, never stop trying until you achieve your goals.

The eyes will always be ready to cry, when the heart starts to bleed, but remember that you are not alone.

A man might have a hurting past, present filled with struggles, but know that the future will always be filled with light.

The wind will always try to pull down an Iroko tree, but it’s deep root will surely withstand it, never give up.

In life there will always be dangerous battles to fight, but only the fiercely and wise warrior will prevail.

People will always misquote you, only few will understand you. but always remain who you are, and never let anything move you.

The toughest battles are fought and won at the hour of the night.

The present situation of a man can’t determine his end, the page will always turn.

The blind man may not see the physical, but he travels round the world through the mind, have a dream.