The heart of man is always quick to judge when life billows
And even the strongest of them will cringe
At the slightest delay
Time becomes a friend of discouragement
it becomes easier to forget the voice of faith
Saying repeatedly, a blessing is in it

Life is birth with so much uncertainty
And many are always too quick to trend the path of defeat
Blinded by the present
Unable to look deeply inwards
At what comes after the trial
And the sunshine after the rain
In all, a blessing is in it

As pharaoh’s daughter was wise enough to draw out
A basket that was being tossed about by the wrath of the Egyptians
Looking deep to behold the unexpected blessing of a deliver
Look again above the waves that seem to have covered you
Though you’re drowning you into life’s deepest sorrows
Never forget that a blessing is in it

Although you may take forever to heal
From the scars of yesterday
The stars may grow dimmer
And the sun may hide behind the darkness
Making the candles of hope afraid
Look just right above the sky
Unto the only one who knows the way
He’s still saying
A blessing is in it.

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