I once read a story
Interesting at the beginning
When the father of all creation
Made man the head of all creatures
With great power and glory
That could even dry the largest of oceans
And humble the fiercest of lions
Planting a gem uncommon in Zion
That gem is in you

I have travelled in my own world
Even as i beheld man
The most precious of all creation
Still looking for the key of prosperity
He has crossed many seas
Just so he can see
And hold that one most precious gem
But he remains
Blinded by a truth that is very hard to believe
That gem is deep down in him

Your heart is clouded with fear
What does the future hold?
And what will tomorrow birth
Uncertainty becomes the mother of mediocrity
Shallow mindedness curdles the heart of many
As the rare gem remains in outright darkness waiting for manifestation
That gem is in you

Look deep son
Dig it up even as you close your eyes
Against all the no’s and impossibility
Believing that anything is possible
Let it shine and let the world know
that the gem is deep inside of you.

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