“Very early, I knew that the only objective in life was to grow”.

Margaret Fuller’s words echoed through the radio, into Loveth’s heart as she sat on her rocking chair. Her grey hairs were as though it was painted with silver and her skin looked as if a pinch will make her fall to the ground. She was no longer the youthful, vibrant lady she used to be, but that didn’t matter to her anymore. Loveth’s heart felt so heavy at this point, she knew she’d be answering the home call anytime soon. But there was this void in her that still made her doubt if she has really done what the Lord requires from her, she kept pondering on her Christain life in the last thirty years of which she gave her life to Jesus Christ. Was she still a child even in her 80’s? Has she really grown? This were questions she felt so much doubt about, although she knew a lot about the things of God, went to church and was very engaged with different activities in God’s house but yet she knew vehemently that she remained a baby Christain, throughout those years . She even made extra effort to lead all her children and grandchildren to God’s way of which many of them had become great missionaries in God’s vineyard but deep down her heart she knew she wasn’t matured and qualified to see God at this point. Old in physique but the hidden truth is that she is still a child in God’s ways, a child that believes that accepting Christ ends it all, a child in the sense that she didn’t press forth into bearing fruits for the Lord, she also felt sanctification wasn’t that important, “once saved forever saved was her ideology”. Traces of bitterness, anger, strife still hung to the corners of her heart, while she kept asking God for mercy day by day but still didn’t make any effort to discard the pollution in her belly. And many little foxes kept spoiling her vines. I’m I really ready to meet the Lord? why did I not take cognisance of all these all the while? she muttered admist her deep sobs pleading to the Lord for mercy.

Just like Loveth in the story, many Christains still remain in the growth stage of a child from year to year. Although many can quote the Bible, lead many to Christ and even engaged in so great activities in church. But if you look closely at them you will notice that they are still children in God’s ways.

1 Corinthians 13:11:
When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

Reading this verse made us understand that the work of salvation doesn’t end in receiving Christ in to your life. There are still some mindsets, some idelogy, and behaviors one still have to put behind. Of course being matured in the Lord can’t be told by how long one has spent in the church, or how many times you’ve read the Bible, or how fervent you’re are in various activities in God’s house. It means pressing on to other works of salvation, sanctification which will enable you live a sinless and blameless life before the Lord. Going further in to bearing fruits for the Lord, pressing on towards the mark of heaven at last.
Look into your life today, are you really ready to meet the Lord at this state, if the great event of rapture should take place now, will you go with the saints of God? Please let it be imprinted in the walls of your heart that God will no be happy with any Christain who fails to grow and bear fruits (John 15:1-2). I urge you to call upon the Lord for an unveiling of more mysteries of things flesh and blood can never reveal to you.


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