The fire in her eyes flickered
Like a burning bush
I could smell the flames
From her intense gaze
A rush of fear ran through my spine
Like a fierce waterfall
The person in the mirror

You’re beautiful
You’re brave
You’re a champion
Were the words she kept resounding to my hearing
I found it too difficult to carry
My heart along
How can she say such things,
Doesn’t she see the scars of battles over the ages?

Her voice was partially swallowed
By the mediocrity and low self esteem buried in my veins
Humankind will always discover flaws before their strengths
Many have gone to the grave
Believing they were born for nothing but an average life
But here is she making me believe all is well
The person in the mirror

My soul struggled in a well
Of past mistakes and regrets
But somehow my heart came to believe
That God made no other perfect version of me
Other than the one I see now
The person in the mirror

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